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Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolment Process

faq2How do I enrol my child?
Firstly check with the centre that you want to enrol your child to ensure that there is placement available for your child for the days you require care and also visit the centre.
Once placement is available and you are happy with the centre, complete the Enrolment Form and return it to the centre. You will be required to pay a refundable bond as a part of the enrolment process.
Is there fee for enrolment?
Yes, apart from the refundable bond, $30 enrolment fee is charged. The charge covers the administrative expense and includes a hat for the child.



Facilities and Services
Do the centres provide meals?
Yes, the centres provide meals which includes breakfast, morning tea, lunch (hot/ cold) and afternoon tea.
Do the centres provide nappies?
No, families are to provide nappies for the day.
What are your operating hours?
The centres operate from 7 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday for 50 weeks. Centres are closed on weekend, public holidays and for
2 weeks during the Christmas/ New Year break.
Is there parking available?
Yes, the centres provide dedicated parking for drop-off and pick-up.
What do I need to pack in my child’s bag?
The following items are to be packed in the child’s bag.
  • Bed linen
  • One full change of clothing, including socks, underwear and shoes
  • A minimum of 4 nappies for the day
  • Nappy cream (if required)
  • A small comforter toy or blanket if necessary. No other toys should be brought to the Centre.
  • Bottles
  • Expressed milk (if required)
Do I need to provide sunscreen?
No, the centre provides sunscreen for all children and staff.
How do I get communicated about my child’s interaction/ activities at the Centre?
You can talk to our educators during drop-off, pick-up, and any time during the day about your child. You can visit the centres during its operating hours. There are also parent’s interviews where you will have opportunity to discuss about your child’s development and his/ her educational activities/ goals/ needs. Centre activities are also communicated via emails, newsletters and displayed information at the centre.
Fee and Benefits
faq4How much are the fees?
The fees vary for the different centre and different age group. Please contact the relevant centre for current fee structures.
Are the fees paid for per hour or per day?
Fee is charged for the day and it covers the centre operating hours – 10.5 hours.
Is fee payable if the child doesn’t attend?
Yes, once the child is enrolled, all absences including sickness are payable.
Is fee payable when the centre is closed?
Fee is payable for public holidays if your child enrolled day falls on a public holiday, however fee is not payable when the centres are closed for 2 weeks during the Christmas/ New year break.
What government benefits are available?
The Australian Government subsidises child care fee for parents using Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate payments. These payments are based on the family income and other situations. These benefits are automatically deducted from the daily fee charged by the centre.
Inclusion Support
What support is available for child with additional needs?
Little Smarts provides facilities and support for children with additional needs – from minor allergies to greater care needs such as physical or learning disabilities and behavioural issues.
Please talk to the Nominated Supervisor at the centre about the additional needs for your child.